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simple: The 3D-Scamera consists of just a handful of very simple elements. Even inexperienced people can easily put it together and operate it.

powerful: 125 x 8-megapixel cameras provide for a complete and precisely detailed record of the scanned individuals

Mobile: The quick assembly and disassembly time of less than half an hour means that the 3D-Scamera can also be used at short events.

upgradeable: The 3D-Scamera is built to be open to technological innovations.

price-performance champion: Due to reduction to essentials we produce relatively inexpensively. No other additional costs except for the licence fee for the software.
  • The essence of 3D-scanning

    We have been dealing with the scanning and printing of people for almost three years. All the experience we have gathered has gone into our 3D full-body scanner. We have packed everything a scanner needs into our 3D-Scamera  and limited ourselves to essentials as far as our quality standards permit.

    Customers Feedback

    The result is the price-performance champion among scanners. Our customer feedback from across the world confirms this.


We work a lot with our 3D-Scamera and made hundreds of scans, including their post-processing and printing. Here are some examples